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Friday, February 13, 2015

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

  The one thing about SPD and childhood anxiety that I can count on is that just when I feel like things are settling down and we've found a good routine, something changes.

  Take Tuesday for instance.  A woke up and was just plain Angry.  Her fists were clenched at her sides, she had a huge frown on her face, she yelled at everyone about everything, she argued about nothing, and I couldn't make her happy.  Later she told me she was angry and didn't know why.

  I called her counselor to see if we could get her in this week.  We made an  appointment for the next day.  By Tuesday afternoon, she was doing better.

  Wednesday morning we woke up and things were back to normal.  Which worked well, because her appointment ended up getting canceled.

  Then there was yesterday morning.  She was back to being angry.

  She was arguing and frustrated and just plain, Angry.  I ended up carrying her (yes, she's 8) from the kitchen table to her room so she could settle down.

  She was quiet for a while and I had to make the tough decision to either go in to check on her or wait until she came out.  We had places to be but I knew *bothering* her could be dangerous.

  I decided to go in.  She was curled up in her sleeping bag, which was on the floor, and partially under her bed.

  My heart sank.

  I knew she was miserable.

  It was back to the drawing board.  I called the counselor's office and made sure we got things taken care of so we could get her in and got an appointment for the next day.  I called her psychiatrist to see if we could get her in earlier (and we did...a whole week!) and I started brainstorming.

  Her SPD has been getting more intense...her chairs don't stay on 4 legs (they're rarely even on 2), she's constantly spinning while she walks, jumping up and down while she watches TV, the amount of clothes she can wear is dwindling (not because she's outgrowing them, but because they itch/hurt/tickle/etc), and she is becoming very rigid in her need to keep to routine/structure.

  I have noticed a few patterns to her behaviors and it looks like we may need to make some changes to our home school calendar.  It also looks like her meds may need to be tweaked.

  Whew.  At least I feel like we're catching it close to the beginning, instead of being sidelined for a month before realizing there's something more to her behavior than being tired/sick/etc.

  I suppose I *am* getting better at this.

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